“Jewellery can be a therapeutic tool to bring joy and positive emotions."


Bunny'sChromatic Journey

-Therapeutic Power in Jewellery

In the collection, Bunny’s Chromatic Journey, I discovered the idea of the therapeutic power in jewellery. I made a series of wearable pieces with ceramics and silver as miniature toys for people to interact with. My works focus on the healing power of colour and kinetic structure. The bright pastel colour palette exudes sweetness and happiness, and the playful elements bring joy and positive emotions. I used bunnies as the main character, chosen for their adorable and attractive nature, fitting for the year of rabbits.
I hope my pieces can make both wearers and viewers feel healed. The small ceramic parts aim to add more elements for better storytelling. The wearability of jewellery makes connections with people, relieves anxiety, reduces stress, helps people stay calm and forget about unhappiness. Also, the making process could be seen as a journey of self-transformation and healing from depression, loss, and trauma for myself.


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